Joint Information Systems Committee - Archives Sub-committee

Survey of needs

5 References

The following publications were consulted while carrying out this survey and during the preparation of this report:

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6. Acknowledgements

We are very grateful to the JISC Archives Sub-Committee and to its Chair, Patricia Methven, for guidance and advice in designing and carrying out this study, and to the JISC Research Collections Co-ordinators, Rachel Bruce and Jacqueline Fitzgerald for dealing with many matters of policy and administration.

Above all, we are grateful to the hundreds of archivists and librarians who received and responded to our questionnaires, and who gave a lot of time and effort to provide detailed and thoughtful responses at a difficult time of year.

7. Appendix 1: Questionnaire, accompanying notes and covering letter

As it is not possible to reproduce the layout of the questionnaire accurately in an HTML document, these items have not been transcribed but may be downloaded in Microsoft Word6 format from the following links: Questionnaire ( QuestW6.doc, 34kb); accompanying notes ( NotesW6.doc, 19kb); covering letter from JISC ( LetterW6.doc 130kb).

8. Appendix 2: Lists of institutions to which the questionnaire was sent

The symbol "[NFF]" after the name of an institution or sub-institution indicates that it has received Non-Formula Funding for Specialised Collections in the Humanities in respect of its archival holdings.

8.1 Institutions included in the detailed analysis.

Questionnaires were returned by these, giving details of holdings of archives other than the archives of their own institution.

8.1.1 Institutions funded by the Higher Education Funding Bodies

8.1.2 Other institutions, not funded by the Higher Education Funding Bodies

8.2 Institutions not included in the detailed analysis.

The reasons for non-inclusion are shown by codes in square brackets after each, as follows:

[P] Hold archives of their own institution only. Provided details previously in response to the JISC/TFPL questionnaire.

[I] Hold archives of their own institution only.

[N] Nil return. Do not hold any archives.

[S] Questionnaire sent but no reply received.

8.2.1 Institutions funded by the Higher Education Funding Bodies

8.2.2 Other institutions, not funded by the Higher Education Funding Bodies

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