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Software for building and editing thesauri

This page is rather out of date and is not being actively maintained. It is retained here because some of the information is still valid, but users should check with suppliers of software packages for current information. A later version of the site is now available on the TaxoBank site at http://www.taxobank.org/content/thesauri-and-vocabulary-control-thesaurus-software. It is maintained there by Access Innovations, Inc. and I have no responsibility for that site's content. - Leonard Will.

What is a thesaurus?

This is a list of software for the development and editing of information retrieval thesauri. These are primarily thesauri which are used to standardise the terms used when indexing and searching for items in a database. An introduction to the principles of thesaurus use is given elsewhere on this site. Thesauri may also be used to expand a search statement to include alternative terms for a single concept when searching unindexed text. The basic requirements for an information retrieval thesaurus are specified in the British and International standards and in the United States national standards, though many of the "thesauri" which are published and in use today do not, unfortunately, comply with these. I have written a separate note about a type of system called a "functions thesaurus".

Software packages included in this list will be assumed to support the basic pairs of relationships:

and to maintain consistency by ensuring that when one of these relationships is created or deleted between two terms the reciprocal relationship is also created or deleted. They should also be able to display the thesaurus in an alphabetical or hierarchical sequence, and preferably both. Other significant features will be noted in the entry for each package. "Thesauri" which are created automatically, e.g. by the statistical grouping or clustering of terms found in documents, without human intellectual analysis, are outside the scope of this document.

Taxonomies and ontologies

There is an increasing tendency for people to talk about "taxonomies", but this term is not well defined and is often used imprecisely to mean a thesaurus, a classification scheme, or some mixture of these, often rather loosely-structured with little regard for rules or consistency. On the other hand, there is also a movement to develop "ontologies", with strict rules and complex syntax to enable machine reasoning in the development of the semantic web. This list does not deal with software designed for either of these types of system; some of the packages listed do use these terms, but they have been included here on the criterion of whether they can to some extent be used for the management of a traditional information retrieval thesaurus.

Stand-alone software or modules of database packages

Some thesaurus management software may be acquired and used independently of any other software, while some is available only as a module of a complete information storage and retrieval system. There are advantages in buying a complete system, because the thesaurus can then be closely integrated with the cataloguing and searching operations, making it possible to add new or "candidate" terms to the thesaurus as they are found to be needed while cataloguing, for example, and allowing a searcher to browse the thesaurus while selecting terms to paste into a search statement. On the other hand, some thesaurus development work may be done independently, for example by a group of organisations working to develop a single, common, thesaurus for use with existing different information retrieval systems, and for these a standalone thesaurus management package may be more appropriate.

This list is primarily concerned with stand-alone thesaurus software. It gives brief details of thesaurus modules of a few database packages, but does not review them in detail. Many library automation systems include thesaurus or subject authority control modules of varying degrees of sophistication: these also are not covered here.

Status of this list

This list is under continuous revision. The date of the latest amendment is given at the end. Some items have been left in the list even though only very little is known about them, as they may be referred to in the literature. We shall try to track down more details of these, and would welcome additions and corrections from suppliers, users or anyone who knows about these, or any other, packages. Comments should be sent to Leonard Will.

Sources of information

We have drawn factual information from a variety of sources, and we cannot therefore document the source of each element of data or guarantee or take responsibility for its accuracy. Price information is intended only to indicate the approximate cost, and current prices should be obtained directly from the suppliers; when prices have been shown, the abbreviations GBP and USD have been used for pounds sterling and US dollars respectively, to avoid misinterpretation on systems which display symbols in different ways. Some information has been quoted from suppliers' literature or Web sites, and has not been verified independently. The following useful resources have been drawn on, and their contribution is acknowledged; the main sources of information for each product are given in its entry, using the abbreviations shown here:

Contact information has been given where available for each supplier's head office and/or the office from which they serve customers in the UK. Suppliers' WWW sites often give details of other offices and agents.


Index of thesaurus software
Abbreviations used In this table:
The thesaurus editor is a module of a database package
A standalone thesaurus editing package
A multi-user package, designed for cooperative use by teams of thesaurus developers
I have not been able to contact the supplier to obtain details
The program is no longer available
The package is included in the comparison table giving more details of its specification.
a.k.a.® Information Governance software (SA) / Synercon Management Consulting Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager (DB) / Open Text Corporation Taxonomy Editor has been renamed Classification Editor (SA) / Tikit
Adlib (DB) / Databasix MetaTagger Studio (MU) / Interwoven TCS-8 (SA) ** / Liu-Palmer
Amicus Thesaurus (SA) / LBA Consulting Partners Limited MIDOSThesaurus (SA) / Progris TemaTres (SA) ** / R020 Bibliotecología y Ciencias de la Información
BASISplus now replaced by Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager / Open Text Corporation MTM (DB) / Institute for Computer and Information Engineering TERM MANAGER (SA) / Cardbox Software
BEAT (SA) ** / Josep Sau MultiTes (SA) ** / Multisystems
  Multilingual Thesaurus (MLT) (SA) / OPI - Information Processing Centre Term tree (SA) / Tony Gill
BRS/SEARCH now replaced by Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager / Open Text Corporation Oracle Text (DB) / Oracle Term Tree 2000 (SA) / A.C.S. - Active Classification Solutions
  OSTI Thesaurus software package (SA) / Energy Science and Technology Software Center TheMa (DB) / TRIGA IT-Systeme + Grafik GmbH
Classification Editor (SA) / Tikit
Cognatrix (SA) / LGO Systems SchemaServer (SA) / Schema Logic Thesaurus Builder (SA) / Trias Politica
domainREUSER (SA) / The Reuse Company Thesaurus Master (SA / MU) / Data Harmony
HierEd2 now called Classification Editor SIS-TMS / ICS-FORTH TheW and THSRS (SA) / Timothy Craven
  STAR (DB) / Cuadra Associates THSAR (SA) / MaxThink
IC INDEX (SA) / AGI-Information Management Consultants STRIDE (SA) ** / Questans Tinterm (NA) / EOSi
Information Navigator (NC) / EOSi SuperThes (SA) / Federal Environment Agency, Austria. tmCAKE now called domainREUSER
IOTA (NC) / Anderson Rowley (ARIS) Synaptica (MU) / Factiva Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder (SA) / Trias Politica
Lexico (SA) / Project Management Enterprises Synema (SA) / Syndetics Research WebChoir (MU) / WebChoir Inc.
LinKFactory (MU) / Language & Computing nv TAT (Thesaurus Administration Tool) (SA) ** / European Parliament Wordmap (MU) / Wordmap Ltd.


Name a.k.a.® Information Governance software
Supplier name and address Synercon Europe/North America
Synercon Europe, Suite 15310 Lower Ground Floor, 145-157 St. John Street, London, EC1V 4PW, UK
Synercon Management Consutling LLC, #120 14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr., Ste 110, Beaverton, OR 97007-9231, USA
Web site http://a-k-a.com.au/
E-mail fiona@synercon-uk.com; fiona@synercon-na.com
Telephone +44 20 3289 7370 UK; +44 75 77594551 UK; +353 87 7778030 Irl; +1 888-252-9903 USA
Notes a.k.a.® software is a suite of tools for developing and managing enterprise information governance framework . a.k.a.® manages metadata, taxonomies (thesauri, controlled vocabularies), disposition schedules, inventories, data maps and other information governance structures which are published in a wide range of formats to enable delivery into eCM systems and to the web. a.k.a.® is used by over 350 organizations worldwide and is sold through a network of accredited partners who specialize in information management.
Sources of information Email from Fiona Kearney, Regional Manager, Synercon Europe/North America, 2011-10-12.

Computer and operating system Windows. The ADLIB Internet Server module runs on a Windows Server. If you want to take advantage of ASP and XML technology, you should run Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), a component of Windows, on a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server.
Supplier name and address Adlib Information Systems bv.
Street address: Safariweg 18-22, 3605 MA Maarssen, The Netherlands;
Postal address: Postbus 1436, 3600 BK Maarssen, The Netherlands
Adlib Information Systems Ltd., 11 Pine Court, Kembrey Park, Swindon SN2 8AD, United Kingdom
Web site http://www.adlibsoft.com/
E-mail info@adlibsoft.com
Telephone +(+31) (0)346-5 86 800 (Netherlands); +44 845 658 9484 (UK)
Fax +(+31) (0)346-5 61 655 (Netherlands); +44 845 658 9487 (UK)
Notes Database system including full thesaurus features, with applications for museums, libraries, archives and records management.
Price Enquire from suppliers
Sources of information Suppliers' literature; suppliers' Web pages, accessed 2010-05-08.

Name Amicus Thesaurus
Computer and operating system Windows 95 to XP; 32 megabytes of RAM; 30 megabytes of free disk space; 800 x 600 resolution monitor or better
Supplier name and address LBA Consulting Partners Limited, 100 Gloucester Street, Suite 501, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 0A4
Web site http://www.amicuscom.com/
E-mail amicus@amicuscom.com
Telephone +1 (613) 231 5130
Fax +1 (613) 231 6051

Amicus ® Thesaurus © is copyrighted (1999-2007) by Peter S. van der Jagt of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, who reserves exclusive rights to the software.

As well as standard functionality the software provides for:

  • analytical notes
  • translations of terms
  • cross-reference to other indexing system
  • translated thesauri - automatic
  • permuted index - automatic
  • Web publishing - automatic
  • Web links to other language - automatic
  • print publishing
  • work sharing
Price The suppliers' web site says "The Thesaurus system is available for download and installation at no charge."
Sources of information Suppliers' Web page, dated "updated 25 April 2007", accessed 2010-05-08

Computer and operating system Runs on DOS PC, or in DOS box under Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.
Supplier name and address Josep Sau, Centre d'Informatica de la Universitat de Barcelona, is the author of the program.
Web site As this is no longer available for download from elsewhere on the Internet, I have put a copy on the Willpower Information site, with the permission of Josep Sau. It may be downloaded from here as a compressed .zip file (315129 bytes) containing the Catalan, Spanish and English versions of the program. [2000-05-22]
E-mail jsau@ci.ub.es

Allows many forms of printed output (alphabetical, hierarchical, permuted, rotated etc.). Versions available in English, Catalan and Spanish. The program can be used with any European language compatible with ASCII CP 850 (the same character repertoire as ISO 8859/Latin 1). It was developed by Josep Sau as a private, non-commercial project; he will provide support "with good will, with no profit, but at [his] convenience".

This MS-DOS program runs noticeably faster than most of the Windows packages. It has a good graphical interface, though use of the mouse is not supported. Very full logging and statistics.

Price Distributed as shareware, which may be freely used and copied by individuals. Not to be sold or used commercially without permission of Josep Sau.
Sources of information AusSI; examined sample of version "3.1.2.p, 1997/06/28, CP 850"; email from author, February 1997. - "B.E.A.T. : a reliable environment for thesaurus administration : software review" / Helmut Klaus. - Australian Society of Indexers Newsletter vol.22(1998), no.10: p.91, 94-96

Name Classification Editor
Computer and operating system SQLServer 7 or above on server (will not be required for stand-alone version due for release soon). Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, ME
Supplier name and address Tikit Ltd, Africa House, 64-78 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AH
Web site http://www.tikit.com/products.php?s=114
E-mail <marketing@tikit.com>
Telephone +44 (0)20 7400 3737

Classification Editor is currently a client-server application, which runs on SQLServer 7 or above and Windows (95 onwards) clients. A stand-alone version should be available soon. A Toolkit can be purchased which gives a Company licence to integrate the functionality and services of Classification Editor into other software services.

Links of any type can be defined in the editor, and user-defined properties can be associated with each term. The application handles polyhierarchical structures and allows the moving of complete hierarchical sub-sections at the click of a mouse.

Standard alphabetical and hierarchical outputs can be used to transfer data from one package to the other. XML import and export capabilities allow a wide range of input and output formats to be created using standard freely available scripting technologies such as XSLT style-sheets, Perl, Python etc.

- Tikit Web site and notes from suppliers, edited.

Price The price is said to be "firm-dependent".
Sources of information Tikit Web site accessed 2006-08-29; emails from supplier 2001-10-16, 2004-11-22 and 2006-08-29

Name Cognatrix
Computer and operating system Apple Mackintosh OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later.
Supplier name and address LGO Systems Pty Ltd., PO Box 661, Jamison ACT, Australia 2614
Web site http://www.lgosys.com/products/Cognatrix/index.html
E-mail sales_team@lgosys.com
Telephone +61 2 6253 1015; mobile: +61 411 477 705
Fax +61 2 6253 4500

Cognatrix is fully self-contained and does not depend upon any database packages or third-party applications. You rearrange the items in the tree via drag and drop. There is no limit on the depth of the taxonomic hierarchy. Wherever possible, Cognatrix tries to avoid opening windows and dialogs. For example, you edit item names in the Type/Name column and user-defined fields in the editing area of the main document window.

Any number of user-defined notes and attributes may be created. Data is held in XML files using the Apple Property List DTD and may be exported as tab-separated text or XML conformant with either the Cognatrix or Zthes 0.5 DTDs. A free helper application, CognatrixImporter, is used to import thesaurus data in some XML and other proprietary formats.

Price US$499.00 (single user); US$149.00 (education version, limited to 500 terms)
Sources of information Email from supplier, 2005-04-06; suppliers' web site, accessed 2010-05-09.

Name domainREUSER (previously called tmCAKE)
Computer and operating system Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Supplier name and address The Reuse Company. Calle Margarita Salas, 16 2ª Planta. Parque Tecnológico LEGATEC. Leganés, 28919 Madrid, Spain
Web site http://www.reusecompany.com/
E-mail contact@reusecompany.com
Telephone +34 91 680 90 22
Fax +34 91 680 98 26
Notes Multilingual thesaurus management according to ISO2788 and Z 39.19
  • Main features
    • Descriptors management: as well as scope notes, historical notes, classification codes, state and related non-descriptors
    • Reciprocal relationships creation in an automatic way
    • Change management
    • Textual source management for every descriptor
    • Relationships management: those defined by the standard as well as any kind of relationship created by the user
    • Multiple and synchronized view: hierarchical, alphabetic and KWIC
    • Poly-hierarchies
    • Advanced search engine
    • Thesaurus statistics
    • Idiomatic equivalence among several languages
    • Smart removal options
    • Multiple status for every term: accepted, candidate or invalid
    • Suggestions management
    • Support of full expand and full collapse of thesaurus
    • Easy drag and drop creation of hierarchies
    • Stop-list definition
  • Import and export in various formats
  • Reporting: the whole thesaurus or a single family
    • Alphabetical report
    • Alphabetical report hyperlinked (a html file is generated)
    • Hierarchical report
    • Hierarchical report with index (a Word file, sMS Word is needed)
    • KWIC report
    • KWOC report
    • Statistics
  • Graphical visualization
    • The neighbourhood of a term
    • Overall graphical visualization
    • Navigable visualization

Spanish and English versions available.
MS Access or Microsoft SQLServer can be used to host the database

Price 300.00 € a single user licence. 500 € including on-line web access. Indexing capabilities are also available at a higher price. A free demo version is available at the website
Sources of information Email from supplier, 2005-01-03; suppliers' Web site, apparently in Spanish only, accessed 2010-05-09.

Name IC INDEX 6.0
Computer and operating system Client: MS Windows NT, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP, MAC OS and all others supported by current IBM Lotus Notes Clients.
Server: MS Windows NT, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 2003, Linux, Solaris, AIX, OS/390, AS/400 - same as IBM Lotus Domino.
Supplier name and address AGI-Information Management Consultants
Mandelring 238 b, D-67433 Neustadt / Weinstrasse, Germany
Web site http://www.agi-imc.de. More than 400.000 linked terms in five languages are now online integrated with a visualisation approach in the science portal http://www.dandelon.com - choose the menu item "Dictionaries" and search for a term. The thesaurus software is described in more detail in German at http://www.agi-imc.de/internet.nsf/5b6bf85a396d43b8c12567c500458919/503eb54b111a4a8ec1256988002afa55?OpenDocument.
A paper which describes the thesaurus, with screen images, is Building a multilingual company thesaurus : distributed development based on IC INDEX - the Deutsche Post World Net project / Manfred Hauer. - Online Information : Proceedings, 2001. p.41-48.
E-mail Dipl.-Inf.wiss. Manfred Hauer M.A. <manfred.hauer@agi-imc.de>
Telephone +49 (0) 6321 / 9635-10
Fax +49 (0) 6321 / 9635-29
Notes Functions include:
  • user interface based on Lotus Domino 6.x and Web browser
  • terminology developement and maintenance on standalone computers or as client server application in a network
  • web browser is used for search and navigation, suggesting new terms or discussing current terms
  • visualization, which can be embedded in other applications - see http://www.dandelon.com
  • publishing the term base as html files or server based via Lotus Domino web server
  • distributed environment with different access levels (server based only)
  • language, topic, facet and text fields of variable length, usable for multimedia data
  • homonyms like "bank (finance)", "bank (snow, wall)", "bank (furniture)", "bank (technique)"
  • multilingual terminology
  • up to 26 different thesaurus relations as default, can be reduced by Admin or expanded to any number of relationships
  • automatic reciprocal relations including validation according to definable rules
  • addition or change of relation types
  • complete integration of thesaurus and classification concepts
  • sorting of lists in several ways
  • hierachical lists of classifications
  • hyperlinks between all elements of the network (term - term, term - class)
  • fulltext searching
  • export files for MS Word, HTML, XML and some retrieval systems
  • export to CAI format - for automatic indexing of documents by CAI-Engine
  • Import from IC CATE - statistical ranked candidates for improving a thesaurus
  • printing forms
  • suggestion of new terms or discussion of active terms by end users via Lotus Notes or Web interface

Optional features

  • integrated machine translation optional with powerful translation workflow, default German, English, French, more languages available.
  • integration in Information Center, indexing subform
  • automatic generation of new candidates for term base [Not clear what this means]
- Suppliers' Web site, edited.
Price 2005 prices: Single User, single thesaurus, any number of terms and relationships: 8.500 EURO plus VAT. Server based multiuser-version for any number of thesauri and users: 16.500 EURO plus VAT. In addition, Lotus Notes Client software is needed for all versions and Lotus Domino-Server for the multi-user version.
Sources of information Update by supplier 2005-03-02; suppliers web site accessed 2010-05-09.

Computer and operating system PC with MS-DOS
Supplier name and address Anderson Rowley Information Systems (ARIS), c/o James D. Anderson, P.O.B. 38, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-038, U.S.A.
Web site Pending
E-mail jda@scils.rutgers.edu
Telephone +1 (718) 884 9538
Fax ?
Notes IOTA 2.0 version (March, 1994). Developed as a teaching and research tool by Jim Anderson and Fred Rowley at Rutgers University. Generates a basic ANSI-NISO compliant single facet thesaurus with BT, NT, RT, EQV (USE & UF) and SN fields. Provides displays in ASCII, including an alphabetical thesaurus display and a hierarchical map. Features a thesaurus record editor, a textual database manager, display generators, and a natural language acquisition utility for developing information retrieval thesauri from databases and full-text. A demonstration thesaurus showing typical online and print displays is included. IOTA may only be used non-commercially.
Price No charge. The suppliers are working to provide a free web download of the programs in 1997.
Sources of information AusSI; Email from Jim Anderson and Fred Rowley

Name Lexico
Computer and operating system
  • Windows 95 or NT workstation: Pentium 166, 32Mb; NT LAN server: Pentium 166, 64Mb; Sun Solaris: Netra or equivalent, 32Mb; SGI Irix: Indy or equivalent, 64Mb; IBM AIX: RS-6000, 64Mb. Also available for Linux and other Unix systems.
  • System is Java-based; interface is a standard Web browser such as Netscape 4.04.
  • PostScript printer recommended. ASCII output is also available, but this may have to be formatted for printing by using external word processing software before.
Supplier name and address Project Management Enterprises, Inc. (PMEI), 7900 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, U.S.A.
Web site http://www.pmei.com/lexico.html
E-mail lexico@pmei.com
Telephone +1 (301) 652 5306
Fax +1 (301) 652 4571
  • Thesaurus can be accessed and/or manipulated over the Internet. Descriptive note fields permit tracking of various details such as rationale for term selection, instructions for cataloging and retrieval, historical information, etc.
  • Candidate terms and relationships may be added but remain distinct until approved.
  • It is possible to create a "micro-thesaurus" by choosing one or more terms and expanding the hierarchies linked to those terms only.
  • The previous version of this package, "LEXICO/2", was used by the Library of Congress to manage vocabularies and thesauri for:
Price Not known.
Sources of information AmSI; suppliers' WWW site; information from suppliers, April 1998.

Name LinKFactory
Computer and operating system Windows NT, UNIX. Requires relational database.
Supplier name and address Language & Computing nv, Hazenakkerstraat 20a, B9520 - Zonnegem, Belgium
Web site http://www.landcglobal.com/pages/linkfactory.php
E-mail info@landc.be
Telephone +32 53 62 95 45 (multiple lines)
Notes LinKFactory is a formal ontology-based multilingual terminology management system designed to be used by teams, and supports distributed editing. The system allows term definitions to be given in a formal way according to the family of reasoning systems known as "description logics". The system implements a multi-editing methodology based on user-experience level and peer-review within terminology teams. Subsumption based reasoning allows terms to be searched for on the basis of their semantics, and not only on the occurrence of (sub)strings.
Price The pricing structure of the LinKFactory is based on an annual license fee including the right to use the software and upgrades. Price indication US$150,000.
Sources of information Information from suppliers, 2002-05-22; Web site accessed 2003-01-20

Name Livelink Collections Server Webtop Thesaurus Manager
Computer and operating system Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, Linux. Requires Livelink Collections Server 9.0 or higher.
Supplier name and address Open Text Corporation
Webster House, 22 Wycombe End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom HP9 1NB Phone: +44 1494 679700 Fax: +44 1494 679707
Web site http://www.opentext.com/2/sol-products/sol-pro-knowledge-management/pro-ll-collections-server.htm
E-mail info@opentext.com
Telephone +44 1494 679700
Fax +44 1494 679707

Livelink Collections Server (formerly BASIS®) Webtop Thesaurus Manager (Webtop TM) is a flexible application interface to browse and maintain terms and relations managed in a Livelink Collections Server Thesaurus database. Webtop TM is available as a module of Webtop Suite and can be added to an existing Webtop configuration or can be purchased separately. [Although not stated explicitly in the data sheet, this product also seems to have superseded the thesaurus functions of BRS/SEARCH, which is now called "Livelink Discovery Server".]

The thesaurus supports 13 ANSI standard relation types including: cross-references, broader and narrower terms, related terms, abbreviations, scope notes and history notes. Webtop TM is a Web-based interface for terminology specialists to add, update, and delete thesaurus terms and relations. Built using Java and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Webtop TM provides standard Web-based access to Thesauri extending the application development possibilities. - Data sheet.

Price ?
Sources of information Suppliers' Web site 2004-12-28 and 2006-08-28; product data sheet (no longer accessible on Web site - the current data sheet makes only brief mention of thesaurus functions).

Name MetaTagger Studio
Computer and operating system Windows 2000. Requires Interwoven Metatagger software too.
Supplier name and address Interwoven Inc., 803 11th Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA
Interwoven UK Ltd., Kingswood, Kings Ride. Ascot, Berkshire SL5 8AJ, UK
Web site http://www.interwoven.com/products/content_intelligence/studio/
E-mail info@interwoven.com
Telephone +1 408.774.2000; sales +1 408.530.5800; UK +44 (0) 1344 631901
Fax +1 408.774.2002; UK +44 (0) 1344 631903
Notes The suppliers' Web site is vague as to the specific functions supported by this product, so it is not clear whether it supports all the standard thesaurus elements and relationships. It seems to be primarily seen as an adjunct to the Interwoven Metatagger automatic classification software. The Web site says: "Studio is a powerful tool to build corporate vocabularies from scratch, or explore and refine vocabularies that are automatically generated through MetaTagger's vocabulary discovery utilities, produced through Studio's own automatic generation capabilities, or imported from existing sources. Studio spans the entire taxonomy lifecycle by enabling organizations to build, edit, search, refine, test, tune, and promote custom or industry-standard controlled vocabularies and taxonomies. ... [It] enables users to model specific types of controlled vocabularies, including taxonomies, lexicons, thesauri, and even has support for representing more complex ontological relationships."
Sources of information Web site accessed 2004-09-23

Name MIDOSThesaurus
Computer and operating system "32 bit version", but not otherwise specified
Supplier name and address PROGRIS, Projektgruppe Informationssysteme, Auguste-Viktoria-Str. 64, 14199 Berlin
Web site http://www.progris.de/midost.htm
E-mail progris@progris.de
Telephone +49 30 825 50 49
Fax ?

Documentation is in German. Appears to provide full thesaurus functionality, with all the standard relationships. Handles a multilingual thesaurus with up to nine languages in addition to the primary language. Five user-defined note fields. Allows terms to be allocated bo classes, unclassified terms automaticaly inheriting the class of their broader terms. Supports polyhierarchy. Output in alphabetical, hierarchical and HTML versions.

Live demonstration version of thesaurus output is available on the suppliers' Web site, from where a demonstration version and a full manual can be downloaded.

Price Single-user program with thesaurus viewer for four users: 1700 EUR.
Sources of information Thesauri entwickeln und anwenden mit MIDOSThesaurus = MIDOSThesaurus, a software for thesaurus construction: maintenance and use / Johanna Klos, Paul Kunkel, Thomas Stys. - nfd Information: Wissenschaft und Praxis; vol.54 no.5, Jul-Aug 2003, p.273-280; suppliers' Web page, accessed 2005-05-19.

Name MTM
Computer and operating system PC or mainframe; requires Unesco's CDS/ISIS retrieval system. A DOS application, not Windows.
Supplier name and address Institute for Computer and Information Engineering, 02-622 Warsaw, ul. Malczewskiego 38 M4, Poland.
Web site http://www.icie.com.pl/. Choose the link "Products" from the menu, then the link "Establishing and handling multilingual thesauri"
E-mail Prof. Dr. H. Rybinski - Director
Telephone +4822 825-31-79
Fax +4822 825-16-35

MTM is the software for multilingual thesauri building and maintenance. It has been designed as a configurable system assisting a user in creating concepts, linking them by means of a set of predefined relations, and controlling the validity of the thesaurus structure. The system has been developed on top of Micro CDS/ISIS, as a collection of programs written in ISIS/PASCAL. The current version, MTM-4, has been developed in cooperation with INFOTERM and TERMNET (Austria).

The main features of the software are inter alia:

  • thesaurus maintenance and support system;
  • KWOC and full tree representation and navigation tools available on-line;
  • KWIC, KWOC and full tree printouts (in an alphabetic and systematic order);
  • defining and customization of up to 100 conceptual relationship types;
  • management of facets, codes (top classification), sources, regional variants, historical notes, etc.;
  • support of the various types of authority files;
  • computer assisted merging;
  • thesauri comparison by means of windows;
  • support of the various alphabets;
  • support of linguistic and orthographic variants;
  • sorting facilities consistent with national standards;
  • variable length data handling;
  • flexibility in defining input and output forms;
  • versatility in terms of relative ease of configuring the software for the various sets of languages;
  • flexibility in defining data structures needed for a given application;
  • a possibility to exchange data with other organizations and systems through exporting and importing terms and relations.

From the terminal user standpoint MTM fulfills the following criteria:

  • user-friendliness when entering, updating, deleting, checking data;
  • intelligent prompting of the end user whenever in doubt;
  • powerful validation facilities covering proper structuring of a thesaurus (e.g. maintenance of relationship isomorphism between languages);
  • features for documenting ("keeping track") the history of the thesaurus evolution;
  • availability of data protection facilities;
  • availability of self-training and demonstration facilities;
  • provision of a thesaurus publishing facilities at the professional level;
  • modularity and openness to the further development.
- [From suppliers' Web site]
Price Free of charge on request.
Sources of information Suppliers' Web site, accessed 2006-08-26; email from Henryk Rybinski, 2006-09-04.

Name MultiTes
Computer and operating system PC; Standalone; Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Supplier name and address Hector Echeverria, Technical Marketing Director, Multisystems, P.O. Box 833205, Miami, FL 33283-3205
Web site http://www.multites.com
E-mail MultiTes@aol.com
Telephone +1 (305) 298-8907; toll-free number for callers in the USA and Canada: 1-888-45-MULTI
Fax +1 (305) 271 1007
Notes Supports an unlimited number of thesauri (both monolingual and multilingual). Automatic validation of conflicting relationships. Up to 100 million terms per thesaurus and an unlimited number of hierarchies. Support for ANSI/NISO relationships plus user defined relationships and comment fields. Import module allows you to import any electronic thesaurus without re-keying. Reports include: Alphabetical, Hierarchical (two-way, showing each term in its hierarchical context), TopTerm, Classified, Rotated (KWOC), and Microthesauri. Demonstration package and tutorial can be downloaded from Web site.
  • Report generator allows you to select the relationships and the terms you want to print depending on various conditions (e.g. TopTerms only, approved terms only, orphans, or those terms that have a given relationship).
  • HTML and XML file generator (included in the standard version at no additional charge): Creates all the .html files necessary to put your thesaurus on your Intranet or your Web Site on the Internet.
  • Single user licence: 295 USD, annual maintenance 125 USD.
  • Also available: network and site licences for 5, 10 and unlimited users
Sources of information Suppliers' WWW site; sample copy of program examined 2005; emails from supplier, 1997-2005.

Name Multilingual thesaurus (MLT)
Computer and operating system Not stated. Thesaurus Keyword Querying Subsystem runs on Windows, version not specified.
Supplier name and address Exell - Systemy Zarzadzania Informacja Sp. Z O.O., 01-204 Warszawa, ul. Siedmiogrodzka 1/3 , Poland
Web site http://www.exell.com.pl/
E-mail biuro@exell.com.pl
Telephone +48 22 862 71 88, +48 22 631 15 09
Fax +48 22 632 21 80

The Multilingual Thesaurus Development System consists of three independent subsystems not relying one on another. Each subsystem is dedicated for different applications, for users of completely different profiles, utilising the same data structures:

  • Thesaurus Edition Subsystem (MTL)
  • Thesaurus Keyword Querying Subsystem allowing for employment in any software working on Windows platform.
  • Thesaurus Keyword Interchange Subsystem supporting keyword interchange among independent centres (Keyword Interchange Centre).

Main Advantages:

  • Creation and edition of many thesauruses concurrently.
  • Thesaurus structure creation: relation definition, notes definition, etc.
  • Multilingual thesaurus import and its conversion to local format preserving original thesaurus structure.
  • Imported descriptors selection and its linking to local descriptors.
  • Equivalent descriptor usage for bibliographic entry querying in every linguistic version.
  • Multilevel bibliographic entry querying with descriptors.
  • Descriptors complementation (in separate field) with explanations concerning its meaning and/or usage scope (i.e. "scope notes"), separately for every linguistic version.
  • Ability to interconnect the thesaurus to any system, environment, application.
  • Possibility of distributed thesaurus creation, and following consolidation of parts of multilingual thesaurus developed in many centres.

[These notes are from the CORDIS Web site, presumably provided by the supplier.]

Price Was at an experimental development stage (laboratory prototype) in 2003 and development partners were being sought.
Sources of information CORDIS Web site. Accessed 2006-08-28.

Name Oracle Text
Computer and operating system Windows NT/2000, Unix/Linux etc.
Supplier name and address Oracle Corporation, 500 Oracle Parkway, Redwood Shores, CA 94065, USA;
Oracle Parkway,Thames Vally Park, Reading, Berkshire RG6 1RA
Web site http://www.oracle.com/index.html
E-mail USA: mailto:web-mktg@us.oracle.com; UK: uksales_ie@oracle.com?subject=oracle.com/uk
Telephone +1-800-ORACLE-1; toll-free number for callers in the USA and Canada; +1.650.506.7000;
UK Sales office: (08705) 332200; for other numbers see Web site above.
Fax +1.650.506.7200

The Oracle text retrieval software seems to have been named TermServer3; ConText and InterMedia as it has been developed. It now appears to be bundled with version 9i of the Oracle database under the name "Oracle Text". This software includes a thesaurus management package.There is a lot of information on Oracle's Web sites, but it is difficult to determine which items are current and to obtain a comprehensive list of the thesaurus features. The most useful page is http://otn.oracle.com/products/text/index.html; the Technical white paper (.pdf format) listed there gives some information and illustrates the graphical interface to the thesaurus management system. Registration (free) is necessary to view these pages.

This is a module within a major database software system, not a standalone thesaurus development package. It would allow thesaurus functions to be integrated reasonably easily into any information retrieval system that was being developed using Oracle.

Price Bundled with Oracle database software
Sources of information Oracle Web sites, August 2001

Name OSTI Thesaurus software package
Computer and operating system Written in FORTRAN for DEC VAX running the VMS operating system, version 5.3 or later. The system utilizes the VMS Runtime Library SMG utility modules to provide its screen formatted user interface, and the data file structure is dependent upon the use of the DEC Records Management System (RMS) indexed file structure, so it could not easily be transferred to another computer system.
Supplier name and address Energy Science and Technology Software Center, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information, P.O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, U.S.A.
Web site ?
E-mail ESTSC in general: estsc@adonis.osti.gov.
John Paulk, the Computer Specialist who wrote the program: John_Paulk@ccMail.osti.gov.
For price quote, abstract and licence form: Delores_Brabson@ccmail.osti.gov
Telephone +1 (615) 576 2606; John Paulk: +1 (423) 576 1143
Fax +1 (423) 576 2865
Notes A stand-alone system which includes object modules which can be called by other applications to provide validation access to the Thesaurus data set. Enforces reciprocal relationships, though this has been modified for some specific applications. Maintains the date entered and date of last change. Allows for scope notes, definitions, and status codes.
For a user's viewpoint, contact Catherine Grissom +1 (615) 576 1175 or e-mail grissom@a1.osti.gov.
Price ?
Sources of information AusSI; Email from John Paulk, 10th Jan. 1997

Name SchemaServer
Computer and operating system Hardware not specified, but intended for servers serving a large network. SchemaServer is based on JAVA and .Net standards utilizing a standard RDBMS, such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 and supports IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Macromedia JRUN, and JBoss application servers
Supplier name and address SchemaLogic Inc., 16300 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052-4482, U.S.A. Tel: Fax:
Web site http://www.schemalogic.com/
E-mail sales@schemalogic.com
Telephone +1 (425) 885 9695
Fax +1 (425) 883 0117
Notes SchemeServer is part of the SchemaLogic Integrator, which is described as "an architecture that supports the robust enterprise scale implementation of metadata and reference data propagation and integration to enterprise applications such as content management, digital asset, commerce, search, portals, transform hubs and other metadata configurable applications. ... SchemaServer's vocabulary management engine is based on the ANSI z39.19 standards and fully supports the requirements as described." - [Suppliers' Web pages and literature]
Price ?
Sources of information Email from supplier, 2005-05-19; suppliers' Web site accessed 2005-05-20.

Name SIS-Thesaurus Management System (DBMS module)
Computer and operating system Microsoft Windows NT/9x, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX.
Supplier name and address Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas, Information Systems and Software Technology Division, Vassilika Vouton, PO Box 1385, GR71110 Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

Especially for France: Euroclid, 5, Boulevard des Bouvets, 92000 Nanterre, France

Web site http://www.ics.forth.gr/isl/r-d-activities/sis-tms.html
E-mail Martin Doerrmartin@ics.forth.gr; Antoine.Rizk@euroclid.fr
Telephone ICS-FORTH: +30 (81) 391622; Euroclid: +33 1 47 21 43 05
Fax ICS-FORTH: +30 (81) 391609; Euroclid: +33 1 47 25 06 63
Notes TMS is a thesaurus management system which complies with the international standards ISO-2788 and ISO-5964. It provides run-time extensible schema, inter-thesaurus relationships in order to interlink multiple thesauri, versioning and release mechanism per thesaurus which allows cooperative thesaurus development, graph-based views, client/server architecture and API access.
Source of information Email from suppliers, 1999-08-23

Name STAR/Thesaurus
Computer and operating system Unix and Windows NT/2000
Supplier name and address Cuadra Associates Inc., 11835 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 855, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA.
UK agents: GLOMAS UK Ltd., Suite 24-25, 175-177 Borough High St., London Bridge, London SE1 1XP
Web site http://www.cuadra.com/products/thesaurus.html
E-mail sales@cuadra.com; UK agents:sales@glomas.de
Telephone +1 (310) 478 0066; UK agents: +44 (0)20 7939 9922
Fax +1 (310) 477 1078; UK agents: +44 (0)20 7378 9534
Notes The thesaurus module is not available separately
Price Complete STAR package, including thesaurus, costs over 1000 GBP or USD per simultaneous user
Sources of information AmSI; email and printed literature from suppliers; suppliers' WWW site - accessed 2006-08-28.

Computer and operating system Unix (AIX, SCO, Control Data, Siemens Nixdorf, Data General, HP, Solaris, Olivetti, Sequent and Linux); Windows (3.1, 95 and NT)
Supplier name and address Questans Ltd., 27 Blandy Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1QB, U.K.
Web site http://www.questans.co.uk/
E-mail mail@questans.demon.co.uk
Telephone +44 1491 412558
Fax +44 1491 413593
Notes The user can define different views of a term and its relationships, using a flexible syntax which allows the use of standard abbreviations, symbols or lines to form a "tree" display.
Price STRIDE is no longer under active development and is now being sold on an "as-is" basis (ie with no support) at a discounted price of 100 USD. However, the suppliers have no current plans to withdraw it; they say it is stable and reliable. The current release is 6.2.1, a 30-session trial of which is available for download from www.questans.co.uk. Versions for multiple concurrent users are available.
Sources of information Correspondence with supplier; sample copy of Stride version 6t downloaded from suppliers' WWW site, January 1997. Email from suppliers 2002-05-14.

Name SuperThes
Computer and operating system All modern 32-Bit Microsoft operating systems
Supplier name and address Ing. R. Legat, Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), Spittelauer Lände 5, A-1090 Wien, Austria.
Web site http://www.umweltbundesamt.at/en/ueberuns/produkte/superthes/
E-mail rudolf.legat@umweltbundesamt.at
Telephone +43 1 31304 5364
Fax +43-1-31304 5301

SuperThes replaces the previous software called THESMain. It may be used in conjunction with the standalone thesaurus display package THESShow and a Web display module THESWeb is being designed.

SuperThes is used for visualisation and maintenance of thesaurus data according to DIN 1462 /ISO 2788 and DIN /ISO 5964 The application has been developed in Delphi, a Pascal dialect by Borland/Inprise. The programming language offers true object-oriented programming support as well as the stability common to Pascal programs. SuperThes runs as a client/server application. All persistent data will be kept within the relational database system Interbase.

SuperThes has an English user interface. Unicode is used so that all languages, character sets and glyphs installed on the system may be used. Thus languages like Greek, Russian but also Chinese or Hebrew do not present problems. Input method editors, which are common to Asian languages, are possible. Different fonts are also available.

Besides the main Thesaurus structure, a SuperThes Thesaurus may contain other user definable tables, which may be used to describe the main Thesaurus in a more detailed way or to keep attached data in them.

Convenient data exchange with standard office applications using state-of-the-art technologies like drag and drop, a powerful report generator and bulk data extraction using either standard file formats or XML

Price Enquire from supplier for licencing terms.
Sources of information Email from Rudolf Legat 2004-01-19; Web sites, accessed 2004-02-14, 2006-08-28.

Name Factiva Synaptica knowledge management system
Computer and operating system

Synapticas server-side requirements are:

  • Windows 2000/2003 Server operating system
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000+ DBMS
  • Oracle 9i+ DBMS running on Windows or UNIX

The client-side requirements are any PC or Mac with Microsoft IE or Netscape 6.0 or higher.

Supplier name and address Factiva, Finsbury House, Lowman Way, Tiverton Business Park, Tiverton, EX16 6SR (UK; several other addresses in the USA and elsewhere are listed on the company's Web site)
[Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive LLC (trading as Factiva)]
Web site http://www.factiva.com/products/taxonomy/resources.asp
E-mail None given on the suppliers' web site.
Telephone +1 800 369 0166 (USA); +44 20 7542 3344 (UK)
Fax +1 (303) 841 2294

"Synaptica supports the creation of electronic thesauri in compliance with ANSI/NISO Standard Z39.19-1993. Features include:

  • Dynamically enforced thesaurus rules-base
  • Simple search (descriptors or keywords)
  • Power search (over a dozen filters)
  • Popup windows displaying term details
  • Expandable hierarchies and relationships
  • Multiple categories for a single term
  • Logical delete and restore of terms
  • User ID and date-time stamping
  • Approval and candidate term statuses
  • Concept clusters of multiple terms
  • Customized term templates and descriptor fields
  • Customized relationship types and behavior
  • Customized data entry rules
  • Online reports using report wizards
  • Online CSV format output files
  • Segregated data by vocabulary files and categories
  • User permissions with 10 levels of privilege
  • (Poly-)hierarchical, synonymous and associative relationships
  • Equivalency and indexing relationships

Synaptica is a client-server web application that can be installed locally on a client's intranet or extranet server. Alternatively, Synapse Corporation can host client systems on our servers located in the Denver Technological Center in Colorado USA, which means the client needs no special equipment. Either way, systems use password-protected accounts, so users can access all of Synaptica's features from anywhere in the world using standard personal computers and web-browsers (Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher versions). - Extract from suppliers' Web site, edited.

Price Price varies depending on the number of users, number of thesauri and other factors. Contact suppliers for details.
Sources of information Email from supplier; suppliers' WWW site, 2001-10-14; 2006-08-28.

Name Synema
Computer and operating system Apple Macintosh
Supplier name and address Syndetics Research, Herderstraat 1, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium
Web site None
E-mail info@syndetics.be
Telephone +32 89 418 444
Fax +32 89 418 455
Notes Designed to provide customised solutions to organisations with very complex thesaurus requirements. Groups of thesaurus terms may have several different sets of links, allowing several independent but overlapping logical thesauri to be defined within the same physical file. Link types are user-definable, within the four standard classes; each term can have up to 32 attributes. Polyhierarchical; customizable sorting order; diacriticals supported; unlimited number of links and levels.
Used by Elsevier Science to maintain the EMTREE thesaurus.
Price Single user: 3750 GBP, 5650 USD; multi user: 6500 GBP, 9800 USD.
Evaluation package including full manual, 80 GBP.
Sources of information Message from Steve Pollitt to lis-iis, 20th December 1995; email from supplier, 21st February 1997.

Name TAT (Thesaurus Administration Tool)
Computer and operating system PC with MS-Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Manual states that the program has not been tested under Windows 95, but it appears to work satisfactorily with it. Display resolution of at least 800x600 is needed. Recommended configuration is Pentium 60 MHz with 16 Mb memory and 25 Mb of free disc space
Supplier name and address Alcidio Pereira, Division Bases Documentaires, Applications Informatiques et Tables Analytiques des Débats, Direction Générale des Etudes, European Parliament, Bld. Schuman 3/70, L-2929, Luxembourg
Web site http://www.psp.cz/cgi-bin/eng/kps/knih/ee_tat.htm
E-mail Alcidio Pereira ; Josef Schwarz
Telephone +352
Fax +352 43.93.17
Notes TAT has been developed for the Czech Republic Parliament Reference Library by DCIT s.r.o. Company, as support software for the EUROVOC Project. TAT is a single-user product, with one program copy running and available to one user, only. The underlying software is Microsoft Access, and a run-time version is supplied with the software. The source code for the application is included, so a user with MS Access could amend and develop the package; though some of the table headings and programmers' comments are in Czech, this is not visible to the user.

The alphabetical printout is a list of terms without relationships. The hierarchical printout shows up to nine levels of narrower term under each top term; attached to this is a list of the terms in the same order, not showing hierarchy, but showing UF, RT, scope notes, etc. In printouts, terms are truncated to fit within the available column width. A tri-lingual thesaurus is provided for, with printout of the languages shown in three parallel columns.

Price Free of charge. The program and manuals can be downloaded from the Web site shown above.
Sources of information Sample copy of program examined 18th January 1997

Name TemaTres
Computer and operating system Linux or Windows. Requires a HTTP Web server with PHP and MySQL database.
Supplier name and address R020 Bibliotecología y Ciencias de la Información. [A group dedicated to information and communication technologies within the Argentine Ministry of Education.]
Web site http://www.r020.com.ar/tematres/index.en.html/
E-mail Diego Ferreyra <info@r020.com.ar>

A web application for managing documentation languages - especially good at hierarchical thesauri and cataloguing vocabularies but also useful for navigation structures.

Features (version 0.9) include standard thesaurus relations between terms (USE/UF, BT/NT, RT/RT). No limits on number of terms, levels of hierarchy, alternative labels. Systematic or alphabetical navigation. Multilingual interface, in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Output in SKOS-Core, Dublin Core and ZThes formats.

Price May be downloaded from Web site free of charge under the GPL open source license.
Sources of information Suppliers' Web site; on-line demonstration version on Web site. - [Accessed 2006-01-31]

Computer and operating system DOS version available, Windows version in late beta test stage
Supplier name and address Cardbox Software Limited, 50 Regents Street, London W1R 6LP, United Kingdom
Web site http://www.cardbox.co.uk/
E-mail cardbox@easynet.co.uk
Telephone +44 171 470 7145
Fax +44 171 470 7146
Notes Opens a separate window for each main term, showing the term, with any class no., scope note and linked terms it may have. New links are made by dragging and dropping terms between windows. Terms have to be created first and then linked as a separate operation: it is not possible to add a new term, or to link existing terms, by typing them directly into, e.g., NT or RT fields in a existing term window.
Price Demonstration version available on WWW at no charge. Price for Windows version not yet fixed.
Sources of information AmSI; suppliers' WWW site; demonstration version beta 1.02, 1966.

Name Term tree
Computer and operating system Windows, but limited functionality under Windows XP
Supplier name and address Tony Gill
Web site http://rain.prohosting.com/tonygill/index.html
E-mail tg@tonygill.com
Notes Written by Tony Gill. A simple free software utility for Microsoft Windows that allows term lists and basic thesauri to be displayed in a hierarchical tree. It does not provide for editing such lists, but they can be created in a word processes as simple text files with a level number at the start of each line. Individual terms or entire hierarchical paths can be easily copied to the Windows Clipboard, so that they can be pasted into other applications - for example, a collections management database. The software is supplied with a small number of example term lists and a comprehensive Help system that provides extensive information about terminology control in museums, in addition to instructions for using the software.
Unfortunately under Windows XP the "copy to clipboard" function does not work unless the clipboard is empty. This seriously reduces the usefulness of this program.
Price Free to download from Tony Gill's Web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~tonygill99f/termtree/ttree173.zip.
Sources of information Emails from Tony Gill 2003-12-19 and 2006-08-31; sample copy of version 1.73, dated July 1995

Name Term Tree 2000
Computer and operating system Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000
Supplier name and address A.C.S. Active Classification Solutions, 16 Bareena Place, Marsfield NSW 2122, Australia
Web site http://www.termtree.com.au/
E-mail info@acs121.com
Telephone +61 2 9869 1792
Fax +61 2 9868 5900

Term Tree 2000 is a Windows based thesaurus management package. The Editor component is available only in standalone form to ensure control of thesaurus database changes.

Term Tree 2000 was originally designed and developed as a replacement for a 16 bit product called Hierarch. Term Tree 2000 can import existing Hierarch and MultiTes databases and import/export a defined tag format. It can export to comma or tag delimited, XML, Metabrowser meta data files and includes a feature enabling the production of static navigable web pages. The thesaurus may be exported to a Windows folder structure for use as an indexing/filing system and this includes a deployment capability producing an executable copy of this structure for distribution as required. Optional modules are available to import/export TRIM (also has live connect feature), Objective, RecFind, Hummingbird/PCDocs and Seraph record management. The suppliers can provide services to import aka, CAIRS, InMagic and other thesauri.

Term Tree 2000 uses a Windows Explorer style layout which, combined with drag and drop and multiple term selection lists, makes it easy to create and manage complex hierarchically arranged lists of information. Term Tree 2000 verifies the validity of links as the thesaurus is created and automatically constructs all required reverse relationship links.

Reports are available for:

  • Concatenations from top terms down
  • Term hierarchies starting from top tems
  • Term relationships
  • KWIC and KWOC
  • Categories and Classifications

Reports may use the internal report engine or be sent to MS Word. The Term Relationship reports uses a template reporting process to permit the use of Word styles and advanced features to customise the reports.

Access 97/2000, SQL Server 7 or Oracle 8, 9 (will also work with 10 when released) can be used as the host database. Access does not need to be installed for Term Tree 2000 to operate.


Single user Editor, standalone licence, $A800.00 (about 340 GBP or 590 USD) ($A880.00 including tax for purchasers in Australia). Special deals for thesaurus developers requiring a full featured viewer product to include with their thesauri. E-mail to discuss requirements. A free demonstration kit, with sample databases, is available from the suppliers. This contains a fully operational standalone version of Term Tree 2000 with limits on number of logons and number of terms.

Sources of information Supplier emails; sample copy downloaded and examined, 2005.

Name TheMa
Computer and operating system Server: at least Intel Pentium processor with 1 GHz and 1 GB main storage (preferably 2 computers, one for the data base and one for the J2EE-App.-Server.) Oracle data base, version 10g or later. Java 1.4.x or later. J2EE - Application server.
Supplier name and address TRIGA IT-Systeme + Grafik GmbH, Siethwender Chaussee 4, 25335 Raa-Besenbek, Germany
Web site http://www.triga-services.de/index.php?id=61
E-mail <info@triga-services.de >
Telephone +49 4101 77758 0
Fax +49 4101 77758 20

An interface for Oracle thesaurus functions. Bilingual (German and English) with full support for UTF-8 character set. Supports standard thesaurus relationships as well as distinguishing generic, partitive and instantial relationships and synonym rings. Import and export in Oracle and XML formats. Available in standard, professional or customised versions.


Not known.

Sources of information Supplier email, 2007-08-17; suppliers' Web site accessed 2007-08-17.

Name ThesaurusMaster
Computer and operating system Written in Java to be platform-independent, the software functions with Windows95/98/2000 and NT platforms, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, and DOS.
Supplier name and address Data Harmony, Inc., 131 Adams Street NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA
Web site http://www.dataharmony.com/products/tm.htm
E-mail Alice Redmond-Neal <ared@accessinn.com>
Telephone +1 (505) 998 0800
Fax +1 (505) 998 3372

Data Harmony Thesaurus MasterTM facilitates development and maintenance of subject-based thesauri, with the full range of thesaural relationships, and it permits importation of external taxonomies. Reciprocal relationships are validated and entered automatically. TM adheres to thesaurus construction standards (ISO 2788, ISO 5964, and NISO Z39.19) and can be set to allow polyhierarchies (Multiple Broader Terms). Terms can be designated as "accepted" or "candidate." Full search capabilities are included, searching every field of a term record or only those specified. Complete term record information is displayed simultaneously with any one of several display choices, which include hierarchy, alpha list of full term records, permuted versions, candidate terms, deleted terms, and others. Thesauri can printed as any of the display views, and can be saved as XML files or other formats. Teamed with Machine Aided IndexerTM (M.A.I.) Thesaurus Master leads to the automatic suggestion of appropriate thesaurus terms for indexing electronic documents, drawing on a rule base that grows to reflect the editor's knowledge and understanding of the subject area.Thesaurus Master and Machine Aided Indexer can also operate independently of each other, and can be integrated into other database management systems through Java APIs. Thesaurus Master and Machine Aided Indexer are available not only for use on enterprise-wide networks, but also as single user versions, provided on CD-ROM.

Data Harmony also offers Knowledge Domains, pre-constructed thesauri and associated rule bases for a variety of different fields, such as science/technology/medicin, education, news, environment, and many more. Pricing is proportionate to the size of the domain.

Price Single user licenses: Thesaurus Master: $3,000; Machine Aided Indexer: $5,500; TM + M.A.I.: $7,500
Until 31st August 2002, as an introductory offer, these products are offered at a 50% discount. Thus, the prices until that date are: Thesaurus Master: $1,500; Machine Aided Indexer: $2,750; TM + M.A.I.: $3,750
For large-scale operations involving multiple editors, enterprise-wide server licenses, renewable annually, are also available: Thesaurus Master: $25,000; Machine Aided Indexer: $45,000; TM + M.A.I.: $60,000; XML Intranet System (XIS, an integrated bibliographic data management system): $45,000; TM + M.A.I + XIS: $95,000
Demonstration disks of the single user version of Thesaurus Master and Machine Aided Indexer are available.
Sources of information Suppliers' Web site, 2001-10-14; email from suppler 2002-05-14

Name TheW and THSRS
Computer and operating system TheW32: 32-bit MS Windows systems; TheW: MS Windows; THSRS: MS DOS
Supplier name and address Prof. Tim Craven, Faculty of Information & Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON, N6A 5B7, CANADA
Web site http://publish.uwo.ca/~craven/freeware.htm
E-mail craven@uwo.ca
Telephone +1 (519) 679-2111 ext. 8497
Fax +1 (519) 661 3506
Notes These packages and several other items of free software appear to have been created during Prof. Craven's teaching and research work. Although not polished commercial products, they are quite easy to instal and use for the creation of small thesauri. Some limitations, such as showing terms in upper case only, are offset by formatting and structural options not found elsewhere. TheW, in particular, is able to accept user-defined relationships and to generate graphical displays of tree structures.
Price Free for download from WWW site above
Sources of information Supplier's WWW site [accessed 2005-03-18] and downloaded copies of the software, 1997-02-03; email 1998-06-08.

Computer and operating system MS DOS
Supplier name and address Neil Larson, MaxThink, Maxthink, 413 Ocean View, Kensington, CA 94707, USA
Web site http://www.maxthink.biz/; a brief description of THSAR was at <http://maxthink.com/thsar/thsar.html> but this link is now invalid.
E-mail nlarson@pacbell.net
Telephone 1-510-540-5508
Fax +1 (510) 548 4686; +1 866 201 3947 (toll free from the USA)
Notes This appears to be a simple DOS system for building thesauri, primarily for use with the author's HyGEN software, which creates hypertext links within and between DOS files of many kinds. Neil Larson says "It handles 32,000 terms. Each term can include SN, BT, NT, RT, USE and USED FOR relationships. I also include utilities to convert the created files to HyGEN's glossary format for linking a faceted thesaurus into more powerful and user friendly systems."
Price 89 USD
Sources of information Email from supplier; supplier's WWW site; downloaded demo copy of HyGEN software, 18th February 1997.

Name Tinterm
Computer and operating system MS DOS version 6.00 or higher
Supplier name and address EOS International Ltd., Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BB, United Kingdom
Web site http://www.eosintl.com/
E-mail sales@eosintl.co.uk
Telephone +44 (0)20 7554 8850
Fax +44 (0)20 7554 8855
Notes This was a standalone product in the supplier's T Series range, which also included "Tinlib : the Information Navigator". Tinterm is no longer available from or supported by EOS International.
Sources of information Telephone call and printed information from supplier, 1997-01-08; emails 1997-04-18 and 2005-04-04.

Name Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder
Computer and operating system Windows 2000/Windows XP and a minimum of 128 Mb of RAM
Supplier name and address Trias Politica bv, Lamonggracht 16, 1019 RE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Web site http://www.thesaurusbuilder.com/
E-mail Sales support: info@thesaurusbuilder.com
Technical support: technicalInfo@thesaurusbuilder.com
Telephone +31 20 509 5040
Fax +31 20 509 5044

The following information has been extracted and edited from a text provided by Trias Politica:

The Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder has been developed to support concurrent or parallel multi-lingual thesaurus construction and maintenance. Compliant with ISO 5964, it allows for an unlimited number of hierarchies and relationships. Version 4.0 supports 65 languages (134 including sub languages), has an extensive sort function and offers the possibility of adding images and external hyperlinks. Multiple users can be given passwords allowing individual rights. Polyhierarchical thesauri are supported. It is straightforward to convert between language directions and to generate various reports.

The Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder features include:

  • Security functions for thesaurus databases
  • Full multilingual thesauri support
    • Up to 134 languages per thesaurus (see below)
    • Asian languages and right to left languages
    • Auto switching between languages
  • Support for one image for each term
  • Support for all standard and some additional fields e.g.
    • Image, opposite term and external web address
    • Complete information properties for each translation
    • Complete information properties for each non-preferred term
  • Query issue report (in background) e.g.
    • Check for multiple concept numbers for each term
    • Check for same broader terms
    • Check for related and opposite terms existing
    • Check for duplicate terms with the same parent
  • HTML Generator for Windows 2000/2003 Server families
  • Automatic generation of reciprocal relationships (including opposites )
  • An unlimited number of user defined hierarchical and associative relationships is supported. (The first step to ontology).
  • Powerful search and replace functions
  • Support for polyhierarchical thesauri (multiple BTs)
  • New TDE Features
  • Colored RTF and XML reports
  • Thesaurus statistics
  • Professional: Full function. €3500.00
  • Light Edition: These features are not included: Internet Functions, Security Options, Merging databases functions. €2000.00 (Unlimited number of users per location - Educational discount is available)
  • Student Edition: Exactly the same as the light version, but the maximum number of preferred terms is limited to 2500 terms per thesaurus. €195.00 (Unlimited number of users per location)
  • Golden Eye Edition: This edition is specially provided to view the Thesaurus Builder databases which are produced by other users. All the editing functions are removed from it, and the only available report is limited to RTF exports. Freeware
Sources of information Email from suppliers 2004-12-15, 2005-03-08 and 2005-09-06; Web site accessed 2010-05-05

Name WebChoir suite of products, comprising TermChoir, ViewChoir, LinkChoir and SeekChoir
Computer and operating system UNIX and NT operating systems; all Web servers, including Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server and IIS; all clients including PC and Macintosh; supports multiple DBMS platforms
Supplier name and address WebChoir, Inc., Headquarters and R & D Offices, 11301 Olympic Blvd., Suite 586, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Web site http://www.webchoir.com
E-mail sales@webchoir.com
Telephone +1 (310) 966 1558
Fax +1 (310) 966 1558

WebChoir, Inc. is an outgrowth from the Liu-Palmer collaboration, creators of the original Thesaurus Construction System.

TermChoir is a hierarchical information organizing and searching tool that enables information professionals to create and search varieties of hierarchical subject categories, controlled vocabularies, and taxonomies based on either pre-defined standards or a user-defined structure. A modified and less expensive client/server version, TCS-10, also is available (an upgrade from the original Thesaurus Construction System).

TermChoir features include:

  • A fully integrated Web-based architecture that allows information and reference resources created by TermChoir to be available to information providers and seekers no matter where they may be or what computer they may be using.
  • Unique indexing enables you to index and search external databases using thesaurus or subject terms created in or imported into TermChoir.
  • Editing capabilities enable you to create relationships and links across hierarchies, to move a branch across hierarchies, to create poly-hierarchies, and to specify special sorting orders among siblings.
  • Data may be imported and exported in a variety of formats such as ASCII, XML, and MARC. The script batch input allows experienced users to build a thesaurus quickly anywhere at any time even when and where there is no Internet connection.
  • Standard reports are provided and in customised reports you can specify the data elements to be included, the ordering of the data elements, and the font and styles of the different data elements.
  • Web Thesaurus Navigator enables you to create from the thesaurus a Website with alphabetical listing, hierarchical listing, and expandable hierarchical listing.
  • Data validation guarantees data integrity. No conflicts or wrong data can be entered in the database.
  • A flexible log viewer makes it easy to keep track of all the transactions.
  • Multi-lingual support makes it possible to create thesauri in any language, while translation support enables searches entered in one language to be automatically switched to search collections in another language.
  • User based permission and privileges allow you to control what information and features are accessible to what groups across the organization.
  • An open platform allows you to use a variety of operating systems, including UNIX and NT, any Web server, including Apache, Netscape Enterprise server and IIS, and any client, including PC and Macintosh.
  • Flexible data connection capability enables you to create a thesaurus or taxonomy in most popular enterprise-level databases, including Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.

ViewChoir, a read-only version of TermChoir, facilitates the electronic publishing of thesauri for remote access..

LinkChoir enables thesaurus producers to consolidate thesauri and indexing vocabularies with a diverse range of client information sources. LinkChoir is used to link assigned thesaurus descriptors in records to the descriptors' thesaurus entries and relationships (synonyms, used for-UFs, broader terms-BTs, related terms-RTs, etc.) in the thesauri used in indexing, allowing indexers and searchers to browse and expand concepts. They can "click" back and forth between descriptors' thesaurus entries and those descriptors assigned to records. LinkChoir allows indexers to describe information sources using terminology organized in TermChoir, but also provides them with a utility to update the descriptors that they have used previously.

SeekChoir is a retrieval system that enables users to browse thesaurus descriptors and their references (broader terms, related terms, synonyms, etc.), allowing the searcher many ways to investigate and employ related and synonymous topics and concepts while searching. SeekChoir also allows seekers to search databases indexed by thesauri constructed in TermChoir or some other thesaurus builder application. SeekChoir supports vocabulary-enhanced keyword searches within database records. If LinkChoir has been employed to index database records, SeekChoir also supports a controlled vocabulary search of those records indexed with terms from the associated thesaurus. The user can link from a term embedded within a record back to its corresponding thesaurus descriptor and its references to further elaborate a search.


See the suppliers' Web site at http://www.webchoir.com/pricing/pricing.html. There is a wide range of products and prices from a personal thesaurus management system called "vocPuppy" costing US$49 to US$44,999 per server for "ConceptChoir".

Sources of information Information from vendors, 2002-02-12; Web site accessed 2003-01-17 and 2006-08-29.

Name Wordmap
Computer and operating system
Supplier name and address Wordmap Inc., POB 292, Carlisle, MA, USA.
Web site http://www.wordmap.com/
E-mail seth@earley.com
Telephone +1 781-444-0287

"The Wordmap Taxonomy Management System is an industrial strength software product that allows multiple users to manipulate multiple taxonomies of any size quickly and efficiently. Using Wordmap, a taxonomy editor can be dramatically more efficient than in a generic environment.

  • Compile, maintain and manage taxonomies in a visual environment using drag and drop techniques
  • Make major architectural changes easily
  • Add rich data to the taxonomy - synonyms, associated terminology and a wide variety of user definable attributes
  • Deal easily with multilingual datasets Create ad hoc links between related subject areas
  • Output the taxonomy to other applications, such as knowledge or content management systems - display it to end users in a navigation interface which can used to search an Intranet or the Internet"
- [Suppliers' Web site]
Sources of information Suppliers' Web site and emailed information from supplier, 2002-07-27 and 2014-05-08.

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